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What we love about this book is how Russell breaks down traffic so that ANYONE can understand how to build a list of raving fans and buyers using very simple and REPEATABLE strategies.

He shows you step by step how to maximize and capitalize on the 3 types of traffic (find out what they are on Page 83).

When you know how to drive traffic, you can dominate your niche.

Because it’s all evergreen strategy and long-term stuff that you can use to build a list of buyers and followers in record time...

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Russell shares the same strategies he used to take his company from zero to over $100,000,000 in revenue in just 3 years.

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    FREE BONUS #1:

    Free Facebook Traffic Strategies eBook

    Generate unlimited leads and sales using Facebook without spending a dime on Ads.

    In this guide you will learn everything that you need to know to use the Facebook platform to generate free traffic.


    • You will learn the best methods to use to get the most free traffic
    • You will learn what successful Facebook marketers do to drive free traffic
    • You will be able to engage with your audience
    • You will learn how to optimize your Facebook Page so that you get the maximum amount of free traffic
    • You will learn how video can bring you a lot of free Facebook traffic
    • And much more!

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    Insta Profit Magnet eBook

    Instagram can be used to promote your business online through a number of ingenious ways that have been developed over time. With this guide you will discover a list of strategies, tools and practices that can assist you building your Instagram business.


    • The Best Practices for Building your Instagram Business
    • Learning To Use Instagram for Business
    • Striking a Balance b/w Fun Images and Visuals Meant To Promote Your Business
    • Nurture a Following on Your Instagram
    • Make Good Use of Debut Videos
    • Using Instagram Videos on Your Websites or Blogs
    • Following Back As Many of Your Followers As You Can
    • Create a Flexible and Workable Posting Schedule
    • Post Images and Short Videos Relevant To Your Brand
    • Leverage a Photo Contest on Your Instagram and Facebook Pages

    FREE BONUS #3:

    Pinterest Profits eBook

    Pinterest is a fast growing image-based social networking site that not only offers a unique approach to the way that people communicate, but it offers incredible potential to maximize your business exposure and brand awareness.


    • Introduction to Pinterest
    • Exploiting the popularity of Pinterest examples of successful Pinterest campaigns
    • Viral marketing with Pinterest
    • Quick start ideas
    • Maximizing exposure for unlimited free traffic